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  • Say YES to youth!

    In line with global trends, youth unemployment in South Africa has reached crisis levels. Our unemployment rate is high for both youth and adults; however, unemployment among young people aged 15–34 is particularly dire. In Q1 of this year the rate was 38.2%. This means that more than one in three young people in the ... Read more
  • Is your business ready for contingent workers? Consider the “Big 5”

    We've been looking at workforce management in our last few blog posts. Trends regarding contingent workers and how to implement a contingent workforce strategy are two of the topics we've explored. But maybe you're still not sure if you're ready to expand your staff complement to include contractors, freelancers, gig workers, etc. Your policies and ... Read more
  • Using contingent workers? Keep abreast of the trends.

    Last week we examined the importance of having a strategy for your contingent workers, to optimise your investment in this vital part of your workforce. Knowledge of developments in contingent workforce management will help you make the most of ever-changing opportunities and manage the ever-present threats. This week we take a look at the evolving ... Read more
  • What’s your game plan? Use your contingent workforce to WIN.

    Whether you call them contingent workers, your non-employee workforce, independent contractors, or just temps, it's likely that contingent labour is becoming an increasingly important part of your HR strategy. Or is it? Perhaps you started with the occasional contractor, when a project needed additional resource or a key individual was out of action, and over ... Read more
  • Have you got what it take to be a contractor?

    Last week we wrote about the benefits of being an independent professional, or contractor. Flexibility, freedom from office politics, earning potential, independence and variety of work were some good reasons to consider the contracting lifestyle. We touched on the personalities most suited to contracting...if you need high levels of security it may not be the ... Read more
  • So you want to be a contractor?

    If you're currently employed in a permanent position, you may look at the contractors in your organisation with a degree of envy. They may earn more than you do, and they seem immune to the office politics. You may be thinking of moving into contracting yourself. Contracting/consulting can be very rewarding, but you need to ... Read more
  • Workers’ Day: not just another public holiday

    Who doesn't love a public holiday? Especially two in very close proximity, causing many people to do what the French call "making the bridge" (taking one working day – Monday – as leave to create a five-day weekend). As a nation we love our public holidays. But it's easy to forget that we enjoy these ... Read more
  • Democracy in the workplace

    We live in a democracy, but is your workplace a dictatorship? As we celebrate Freedom Day, marking the first democratic elections in South Africa, we ask: How democratic are South African companies? How viable is democracy in the workplace? Do empowered employees with a say in the running of the organisation work more productively, or ... Read more
  • No hiding from the long arm of…SARS

    Independent contractors have long known the challenges of correct employment classification, and the requirement to prove to the revenue authorities that their status is truly "independent", and not pseudo-independent while being employed in all but title. While arguably a contractor working for one client for an extended period of time could be said to be ... Read more
  • The Fourth Industrial Revolution – implications for South Africa

    This is the third in our series on the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Having explored What Is the Fourth Industrial Revolution and The Fourth Industrial Revolution – Will It Spell the End of Your Job?, we now look more specifically at the South African context…how our workforce will be impacted – positively and negatively – by ... Read more