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  • The Fourth Industrial Revolution – will it spell the end of your job?

    When we looked last week at the Fourth Industrial Revolution, we saw that it encompasses a range of technologies and activities, from the Internet of Things (IOT) to Siri on your iPhone or Alexa on Amazon, offering to help you find what you need. But while many people are excited by these technological advances that ... Read more
  • Are you ready for the Fourth Industrial Revolution?

    Many people are shocked and a little bit frightened by the Cambridge Analytica scandal – the revelations that personal data of 50 million Facebook users was accessed by the political consulting and marketing firm without the consent of the users – but the reality is that while we are right to be shocked, we shouldn't ... Read more
  • Are your human rights protected at work?

    Last week South Africa observed Human Rights Day. In addition to enjoying a mid-week public holiday, many people will have taken some time to reflect on the importance of human rights and what they mean. Everyone knows that Human Rights Day commemorates the Sharpeville Massacre, but how many people know just what human rights are? ... Read more
  • Are you sitting (too) comfortably?

    Now that the excitement and even euphoria of the change in government has subsided, and enthusiasm has been dampened somewhat by the Cabinet appointments, which were greeted with mixed feelings, it's time to get down to the business of transformation. As a nation we have to overcome corruption and the other political ills that have ... Read more
  • The impact of new leadership

    There is a new spirit of hope in South Africa, heralded by the removal from office of a president who had lost the confidence of the electorate, and the arrival of a new CEO for the country. Some of the excitement dissipated with the announcement of the Cabinet; not all the appointments were universally welcomed. ... Read more
  • Budget Speech 2018 – “tough, but hopeful”

    After the events of the past few weeks and Cyril Ramaphosa's maiden SONA last week, the nation's attention turned to the Budget Speech. This is where the intentions and ambitions of the SONA are codified into realisable plans, backed by hard numbers. VAT increase The talking point of this budget is the increase in VAT ... Read more
  • Why we need more women in science

    Here's a disturbing statistic: Stats SA estimates for 2017 indicate that 41% of the population is black females, while 4% is white males, but white men dominate science research in South Africa. And this gender inequality is repeated around the world: According to a UN study conducted in 14 countries, the probability of female students ... Read more
  • Who is most stressed at work?

    The answer may surprise you! Why the Whitehall studies still matter in management science and how to look after mental health in the workplace. Lessons from history We've become quite intrigued by the history of management science lately. Last week we re-examined the famous Hawthorne studies, and this week our attention has been grabbed by ... Read more
  • From “Rational Man” to “Human Relations”

    Ask any business student about the Hawthorne effect and they will nod sagely and tell you that when employees are observed, their productivity increases. This was one finding of the seminal research conducted at the Western Electric plant in Hawthorne, Illinois, nearly 90 years ago, but it was just one conclusion out of several key ... Read more
  • Reasons to be thankful…1, 2, 3

    Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you can’t have missed the fact that Thanksgiving happened in the USA. And with Thanksgiving came Black Friday, often seen as the start of the Christmas shopping season. Here in South Africa we may not celebrate Thanksgiving, but the barrage of Black Friday (and Cyber Monday) offers brought ... Read more