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  • World AIDS Day – where are we now?

    World AIDS Day – where are we now? In 2004, antiretroviral therapy (ART) became available, for free, in the public health sector to people living with HIV. At that point in time, an HIV-positive individual had to have a CD4 cell count (a measure of the strength of the immune system) below a certain threshold ... Read more
  • Africa Industrialisation Day – why should we care?

    Monday, November 20th is Africa Industrialisation Day, designated by the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation to raise global awareness of the challenges faced by the continent with regard to industrialisation. At an event to be held in Vienna, attended by African ministers, ambassadors, senior policymakers, UN organisation representatives, entrepreneurs and representatives of civil society and ... Read more
  • Start With Why – Just Don’t Bother to Finish

    Business Book Review: Start With Why – Just Don’t Bother to Finish Some years ago, the Saturday magazine of a popular UK newspaper ran a regular feature called “The Digested Read”. The feature writer would synthesise the plot of a full-length book in a single paragraph. At the end of the mini-review was one more ... Read more
  • Everybody put your hands up

    Many of us put our hands up to take part in volunteer activities every July, when Mandela Day rolls round. It’s not hard to find 67 minutes to help others, and most people actually spend considerably more than 67 minutes on their Mandela Day good deeds. But how many of us sustain that annual effort ... Read more
  • Highveld Review October 2017

    Welcome to this issue of the Highveld Review. Each quarter we focus on an aspect of sourcing and managing talent. The modern workforce looks very different from what it did 20 years ago, and to compete in today's fast-moving environment it's necessary to be flexible and agile in your resourcing strategy. In this issue we ... Read more
  • Read all about it!

    In our last blog post we wrote about ways to improve your verbal communication in the workplace environment. The majority of your communication with co-workers and managers may be verbal and face-to-face, but there is a place for written communication too. Written communication allows you to document a project, meeting, set of instructions or an ... Read more
  • Say what? How to make sure your verbal communication is understood

    Did you know the words "communication" and "community" are etymologically related? It's unsurprising, given their similarity. Although their root meanings are slightly different, both come from "communis", or  "common, public, general, shared by all or many". Why the linguistics lesson in a business blog? Because without communication, we can have no sense of community. And our ... Read more
  • Don’t worry, be happy!

    If you're lucky enough to have been recently promoted, or been awarded a pay rise, you may feel pretty satisfied right now. And who could blame you? Our remuneration package and the level of our pay is an important part of a) why we work and b) how we feel about that work. But if ... Read more
  • What makes a great employee? The answer might surprise you!

    Whether you're polishing off your CV to re-enter the job market or sitting on the hiring side of the desk, you probably have a good idea of what makes a good employee. The right skills for the job and relevant experience may top the list. After that, reliability or dependability usually score pretty highly; and ... Read more
  • In-house or contracted out? The benefits of outsourcing

    It's no secret that salary costs are the biggest single overhead for an organisation. And when times are tight, downsizing is often the first tactic employed to reduce costs. While it is important to review staffing levels and ensure your cohort of permanent employees is affordable and appropriate relative to your strategic objectives and available ... Read more