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  • Bouncing back – you may be less resilient than you think

    When you think of resilience, what comes to mind? Do you think of toughness, of the ability to withstand stress and pressure and emerge unscathed? Do your thoughts automatically turn to the upbeat guy in the office who always has a joke for everyone and is regularly at his desk by 07.00, no matter how ... Read more
  • Is your organisation contractor-friendly?

    As a responsible employer, you are careful to create a friendly and collaborative atmosphere and you work hard to maintain morale among your employees. But does your contingency workforce feel the same way about you as your permanent employees do? Many of the tactics used to maintain a satisfied workforce may not be suitable to ... Read more
  • Workers’ Day: what’s it all about?

    We hope you enjoyed the public holiday yesterday. We at Highveld certainly did. But did you ever stop to think why we celebrate Workers' Day? It has a particular resonance in South Africa, but is also observed in many countries of the world. In fact the day is properly called 'International Workers' Day'. The eight-hour ... Read more
  • Screening for health

    We all want to be healthy. According to a recent report by Insight Survey, the South African vitamins and supplements market has grown by 13.5% every year from 2014 to 2016, suggesting we hope that we can supplement our way to good health. The jury is still out on supplements, but one very important action ... Read more
  • Exercise isn’t just good for your body…

    We've written a lot lately about stress, anxiety, depression, and other common mental health issues that many South Africans experience. We hope we've clarified the difference between a simple case of the 'blues' and clinical depression; and you are now able to recognise some of the signs and symptoms that indicate when you are or ... Read more
  • Beyond sadness

    Last month we looked at stress in the workplace and how to cope at work when there are problems at home. We all go through periods of stress at work and troubling times in our personal lives, and often the two are inter-related. Most of us manage these challenges with common coping strategies – talking ... Read more
  • In the junk yard

    Last year we wrote about global credit ratings, when South Africa looked in danger of having its rating downgraded to sub-investment grade status, or "junk" in common parlance. At the time, although a downgrade threatened, it was not implemented by the ratings agencies. We've updated that article in light of yesterday's announcement by Standard & ... Read more
  • When problems at home become a problem at work

    Just as it is critical to achieve...or at least strive for...boundaries between home and work in pursuit of that elusive work/life balance, so it is important to maintain those boundaries when it comes to personal problems. You are employed to do a job and neither you nor your employer can afford to let productivity or ... Read more
  • Are you being bullied?

    What is bullying and how does it differ from other workplace conflict? In our last post we looked at dealing with difficult people in the workplace. We deliberately avoided the topic of bullying because not all difficult people are bullies – in fact most of them are not – and bullying is a very serious ... Read more
  • Don’t be difficult!

    One of the biggest benefits of self-employment cited in surveys is the ability to avoid office politics. Often, this is exactly what it sounds like, but sometimes 'office politics' is simply a euphemism for coping with difficult people. Even if you are a self-employed contractor, it is likely you have to deal with co-workers in ... Read more