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  • Don’t stress me out

    How many times a week do you hear a colleague say...or do you say..."I'm so stressed out"? Stress is such a part of modern life that we almost feel guilty if we are NOT stressed. If we're coping with the pressures in our life and managing to find balance between the multiple demands on us, ... Read more
  • Get off the starting block – get a coach

    In this series we've looked at various ways you can upskill yourself or your employees, from online short courses requiring minimal resources and time commitment, to intensive programmes that demand dedication and sacrifice, such as a part-time degree course. For those who prefer on-the-job learning and/or more personal engagement, another option may be coaching or ... Read more
  • Budget Speech 2017 – towards a more equitable society

    Last year the country was suffering from a severe drought, causing the Finance Minister to adjust the GDP growth forecast to below 1%, which hit global confidence in the rand. This year's forecast is more optimistic, at 1.3%, and is expected to continue to improve modestly over the medium term. The rand has been gaining ... Read more
  • Looking for short courses? Don’t get short-changed!

    So far in this series on upskilling for professionals, we've looked at degree courses, both undergraduate and postgraduate, that can be undertaken part-time while working. The pursuit of a degree while in full-time work may be a time commitment you are unable to make right now, or you may not need a full degree to ... Read more
  • Upskilling by degrees

    There are many types of upskilling, from in-house structured training courses to self-learning. Self-learning can also take various forms. You may choose to simply expand your knowledge informally through reading and networking, undertake an online accredited short course that results in a certificate, or go all the way and pursue a degree course. Studying for ... Read more
  • Do you have the right skills?

    South Africa suffers from a unique paradox: high unemployment yet severe skills shortages. South Africa’s unemployment rate currently stands at 25%, with even higher rates for youth, at more than 50%. According to Nicolaas Kruger, Group CEO, MMI Holdings Limited, writing for the World Economic Forum on Africa 2016, unemployment is not only a result ... Read more
  • Have you got what it takes to lead in the 21st century?

    Being a leader is not what it used to be Recently we wrote about managing a multi-generational workforce and the different management styles required to lead the so-called millenials and generation 2020ers. This led us to thinking about the leadership skills required to steer the corporate ship through the disruptive economic waters we're currently navigating. ... Read more
  • Budgeting – saving up a storm!

    In the last post we looked at budgeting and the importance of reviewing your budget at least annually (preferably more regularly) to make sure you have factored in those pesky increases in levies, taxes, school fees, etc. Those are the costs you have little influence over (you could of course move to a smaller property ... Read more
  • Budgeting – are you prepared for 2017?

    Are you in good financial shape for the new year? This time last year we wrote about budgeting. We said, "There is no point in creating a budget if you never look at it again. It is important to review your expenditure against your budget every month." But we're willing to bet very few people ... Read more
  • More business New Year’s resolutions

    In the first post in this mini-series, we looked at New Year's resolutions for your business or career that focused on better relationships with coworkers and personal development for yourself and your team or employees. In this post we look at how you can improve customer relationships, whatever your service proposition is – whether you ... Read more