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  • What are your New Year’s resolutions for your business?

    In December it can be difficult to see past the year-end. Everyone is tired and ready for a well-earned break. But 2017 will be upon us before you know it. You may already be thinking of your personal New Year's resolutions? But have you made any for your business? Even if you're not a business ... Read more
  • The festive season is upon us. Is your business ready?

    You survived Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Did you know that Black Friday is so called because it is the day that retailers hope to go into the black (and out of the red) for the year? Maybe you even reaped the financial benefits of the shopping craze that originated in the United States as ... Read more
  • Still emailing? It’s so last year…

    WhatsApp – the new SMS or the new email? WhatsApp, the smartphone messaging service, is actually the best of both worlds. Far more versatile than conventional SMS (not to mention cheaper, as it uses data rather than airtime and is free to use if you’re in range of wifi), and as easy to use as ... Read more
  • US plays its Trump card

    Whatever your political leanings, most people outside of America woke to shocking news this morning. The polls showed Hillary Clinton consistently ahead in the run-up to the election, even though her lead had narrowed in the closing days of the campaign. The scandal surrounding charges of sexual assault against Donald Trump looked like it would ... Read more
  • What’s your style? VAK explained

    "I see what you mean." "I hear what you’re saying." "I know how you feel." When a colleague explains something to you, which of these are you most inclined to say? Your answer to that question says a lot about how you process information and how you prefer to learn – known as your learning ... Read more
  • Bridging the generation gap in the workplace

    Managing an organisation is complex enough without worrying about negotiating generational differences, but that's exactly what is becoming more and more critical in the modern workplace. Organisations have always been home to a staff complement spanning the generations – from school leavers to employees just about to retire. Why is this topic suddenly gaining exposure ... Read more
  • Can’t get no satisfaction?

    When the Rolling Stones sang, “I can’t get no satisfaction,” they might have had bad grammar but they captured the mood of the baby boomer generation. Forty years on (yes, 40!) satisfaction is still an issue – especially in the workplace. Today’s generation – the so-called millennials – is more concerned than ever about having ... Read more
  • Celebrate our heritage!

    What does 24 September mean to you? Is it just a nice public holiday at the start of summer and an excuse to break out the braai tongs after the winter? Or maybe it’s the time when you dust off your traditional dress and show it off at the office? In addition to these fun ... Read more
  • EOH Announces Impressive Annual Results

    Wednesday, September 14, 2016 In brief: Revenue increased by 31% to R12 762 million (2015: R9 734 million). Profit after tax increased by 34% to R930 million (2015: R692 million). Headline earnings per share (HEPS) up 25% to 719 cents (2015: 575 cents). Cash increased by 17% to R1 949 million (2015: R1 664 million). ... Read more
  • A testing time

    If you’ve recently entered the job market, perhaps as a new graduate, or re-entered it, maybe after a long relationship with a single employer, you may have noticed a new trend in recruitment and selection: the psychometric assessment, sometimes (though inaccurately) known as a personality test. There are many different types of psychometric tests but ... Read more