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  • Women’s Day 2016 – where are we now?

    Women’s Day this year marks the 60th anniversary of that great march to the Union Buildings in 1956 by women protesting at the requirement for non-whites to carry a pass book. Our society has undergone a seismic upheaval since 1956, and the elections that took place just a few days before Women’s Day are a ... Read more
  • Oldies but goodies – benefits of a mature workforce

    There is a lot of focus on youth these days. This is hardly surprising given that globally… and particularly in South Africa…there is a ‘youth bulge’. (Source) Recently we celebrated Youth Day, and the month of June was dedicated to the needs and challenges of young people and the contribution they make to our society. ... Read more
  • What do credit ratings mean?

    We’ve heard a lot about credit ratings lately. South Africa suffered a negative outlook in December last year when our President played musical chairs with the post of Finance Minister and the rand took a tumble. The UK was recently downgraded following the outcome of the ‘Brexit’ referendum (see ‘What Brexit Means for South Africa’). ... Read more
  • To EU or not to EU… What does ‘Brexit’ mean for South Africa?

    What is the EU? Incredibly, just hours after Britain voted to leave the European Union by the slimmest of majorities, the most googled query was ‘What is the EU?” Voters, who were asked whether they wanted to remain part of the European Union or leave the common market, an irrevocable step, did not in fact ... Read more
  • What are you doing to help the youth of South Africa?

    As we celebrate Youth Day, the public holiday that commemorates the stand the youth of Soweto took against the use of Afrikaans as the language of instruction, we reflect on the grim reality that faces the youth in our country today. In line with global trends, youth unemployment in South Africa has reached crisis levels. ... Read more
  • Conduct yourself properly around misconduct

    Last week we covered the thorny issue of managing poor performance. We defined poor performance as a situation where the employee has not broken a rule or standard, but rather has failed to achieve the required standard or output. It therefore deals with ability or attitude. Misconduct on the other hand is where a rule ... Read more
  • Make sure your performance is up to scratch!

    In this series so far we’ve looked at employment contracts and labour policies. So you’ve adopted best practice in ensuring that your employees all have valid contracts and understand the policies they are expected to adhere to. Good for you! You’ve laid the foundation for a good working environment. Staff know what is expected of ... Read more
  • Don’t fall foul of good labour relations

    Your people are your biggest asset, and your salary bill is probably your biggest single monthly cost. So it makes sense to have policies in place that define your relationship with your staff and eliminate ambiguity and confusion in day-to-day employee relations. The level of detail you need to include in your policies will depend ... Read more
  • Getting on top of white-collar crime

    We all know South Africa’s dismal standing in international crime statistics. It’s a ranking we are not proud to lead. But did you know that we also lead the world in the number of companies reporting economic (often called ‘white-collar’) crime? PwC recently released its Global Economic Crime Survey for 2016, and Africa is at ... Read more
  • How productive are you?

    We’ve all heard the adage: “Work smarter, not harder.” We want to be measured on results and not by the amount of time we spend at our desk. But just how do we go about maximising our productivity…and that of our teams? Is it any surprise that people produce better quality work – and greater ... Read more