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  • Talent Acquisition

    Companies have had to change their sourcing methodologies as the old ways of finding good skilled employees have changed and are no longer effective. Employees with the most desirable skills…those most in demand…are hard to find. Sourcing these skills is critical to a company’s success. To attract talent to our books, our so-called ‘passive employees’, ... Read more
  • Why outsource the admin of your contract staff?

    South Africa has a shortage of skilled professionals in sectors such as engineering and IT, and we are not alone in that. The skills shortage is global and individuals in possession of this sought-after expertise know they can command a high price for their talent, not only in monetary compensation but also in their terms ... Read more
  • Tips for tip-top customer service – part 2

    Last week we talked about the importance of giving your customers excellent service as a small business (or any size business, for that matter!). We promised you 10 tips for tip-top customer service, and gave you the first five. Let’s recap what those were: Know your product/service Be friendly Say thank you Train your staff ... Read more
  • Tips for tip-top customer service – part 1

    Congratulations! You decided to forego the security of permanent employment in favour of being your own boss…and it’s working! You’re managing your cash flow, winning customers, and succeeding in business. In the early stages of growth, it’s understandable that your focus is on gaining new customers, being the best you can be at what you ... Read more
  • Budget Speech Essentials 2016

    Please click on the "budget speech essentials article" link below to read the critical points of the budget speech by Pravin Gordhan on the 24th of February 2016. Budget Speech Essentials Article Read more
  • Business risk in the year ahead

    What pitfalls lie in wait in 2016? Being in business involves risk. Good business practice means managing risk…weighing up impact versus likelihood and having contingency plans in place. But those plans must constantly be revisited and revised, because risk changes all the time. So what are the risks that South African businesses are most concerned ... Read more