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Optimise Your Workforce

Your single biggest overhead is your salary bill. But are you maximising your investment in people? Is your productivity as high as your staff costs? Today’s business environment is constantly changing and your staffing requirements may vary considerably throughout the year. Employing highly skilled professionals for key projects on a contingent basis could reduce your costs and improve operational efficiency.

Whether you are a large corporate or an SMME, Highveld, a level 1 BBBEE contributor, can help you optimise your contingent professional workforce. Be the best you can be through effective management of quality, efficiency, compliance and cost.

Are You Missing That Vital Edge?

The project plan is done, the team recruited. Enthusiasm…and expectations…run high. But you feel there’s something missing – the vital edge that will turn the project outcomes from good to great. That edge may simply be experience, and the quiet confidence that comes with it. A skilled and practiced veteran in the field can be a motivating influence on a project team and can bring order to the eagerness and passion of younger employees and contractors – a winning combination.

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Congratulations! You’ve decided to employ contractors to make your business more efficient. But you have questions …

  • What are the risks?
  • How much should they be paid?
  • What about tax deductions? UIF? Medical aid?

And many more. On top of that you’re not sure how best to use a contingent workforce and where/when to deploy them.

Highveld will work with you to analyse your operational requirements and determine whether permanent staff or contractors will be the best fit for defined activities or projects. We can advise on the specific skills that contractors can offer to help you with strategic workforce planning.

We have an extensive database of highly talented professionals available for both short- and long-term projects so we can match suitable candidates to your unique circumstances. We’ll do the screening and selection, saving you time and resources.

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Let us manage your payroll for all temporary staff and service providers. We’ll handle all PAYE, statutory deductions and general administration, leaving you free to concentrate on the business at hand.

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You’re using contractors to reduce your costs and maximise your efficiency. So you don’t want the administration of your contingent workforce to cost you extra time and money. Let Highveld take the strain.

We provide a full contractor management service, acting as the employer for the duration of the contract. Your contractors and consultants are free to focus on service delivery and you are free to focus on your business. We will handle all monthly invoicing and tax administration. Contractors also enjoy access to group medical aid, free income protection, tax advice and financial planning. So you can attract and retain the best temporary staff.

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Are you juggling multiple vendors and service providers for different activities or specialisms? Are you worried that you may not be getting value for money?

We offer an expert end-to-end solution for the management of all staff on your site employed by service providers, resourcing agents and labour brokers. Our unique technology platform will take care of all sourcing, contract engagement, payroll and administration on your behalf.

You benefit from economies of scale and an integrated view of all your vendors, making performance evaluation easier and improving the planning process.

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